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Do you still believe that?

I can't look at him.

Have you finished reading today's paper yet?

Maybe Mats is just being modest.

The coffee break is an American institution.

Correct errors, if any.

The ice is too thin to bear your weight.


I am going to do an apprenticeship.

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I grabbed my little sister's hand, and the two of us started running.

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I want to keep competing.

Ken likes camping.

Ask Robert what his sister's name is.


That river floods every year.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

We are engaged in a difficult task.


Today I decided to learn Esperanto.

No one's going to find me.

Antonella was executed.

I travelled to Tokyo right away; it was past noon when I saw my uncle.

This machine is too heavy for me to carry.

If you want to set the rules, you'll have to follow them by yourself.

I was really very hungry.

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Chuck doesn't like dark colors in his home.

I'm going to have a heavy day.

Skip acknowledged that he had made a mistake.

No one's hungry.

Room service, please.


I want to die!

Stay here with Isabelle.

I'll trust you.

I'm not so sure I want the job.

She could probably get any man she wants.

Can you tell us whether Cathrin passed his driving test or not?

Can you guess the price?

Dori has been dreaming.

Thanks for your work.

He was to all appearances a strong man.

It's very uncomfortable.

These birds migrate to North Africa in winter.

Edmond is the smartest student in our class.

If I don't come, who will?

Having a full time job and raising two kids at the same time is hard.

I will give you a call tomorrow night.

Pravin checked out a few books from the school library a few days ago.

Sriram opened the door, expecting to see Wilmer.

I was offended by her crude manners.

His skin lesions are caused by leprosy.

It's great that my nephew and niece came over to play, but they're so annoying making such a racket running all over the house all day that I can't stand it.

He tried everything to win this prize.

She went on hoping nonetheless because there was no news from her husband.

The students were highly pleased at the news.

What kind of part-time job should I get?

The same is true of professional baseball.

From the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain.

We're going to have to take a chance.

The pedestrians must cross only at the green light.

I have to write a ten-page paper by next Monday.

I think I'd like to stay here.


There was absolutely nothing I could do to save Noemi.

I can't believe I finally did it.

Some people are for the plan and others are against it.


That was everything I had.

Debi entered the dining room, carrying a tray.

I should've known Rick was behind this.

My home town lies 10 miles south of New York.

The district is short of water.


How can I find my G-spot?

Where, on a bright autumn morning, there were sounds of music and laughter, and where two girls danced merrily together on the grass, while some half-dozen peasant women standing on ladders, gathering the apples from the trees, stopped in their work to look down, and share their enjoyment.

It is a great improvement as compared with what it was last year.


I'll have some cereal and orange juice.

He is the tallest of his class.

White bread, please.

I still think Patricia doesn't get it.

We were there for a long time.


This furniture is superior beyond comparison.

I believe he is not an advocate.

We just got her to go to sleep.

I taught myself how to play the guitar.

He was sharpening a knife.

What are you, just an errand boy? Start thinking for yourself and give me something serious to work with.

Kevyn made a few grammatical mistakes.


The police are really good at understanding "Someone stole my credit card and ran up a lot of charges." It's a lot harder to get them to buy into "Someone stole my magic sword."


I'm a pretty good chess player.


They suggested to him that he go alone.

He's just an ordinary student.

Our fanbase is growing.


He ran so he would get there on time.


Now, he's hiding like a mouse.

His husband is rich.

I'm not taking Bea's word for it.


Please refer to the owner's manual for more details.

How much time did you spend doing research before you started writing?

My father is a man of few words.

Yekaterinburg used to be named Sverdlovsk, after the communist revolutionary, Yakov Sverdlov. The oblast that it is in is still called "Sverdlovsk Oblast".

It was a put-up job.

I expected you home three hours ago.

He has every reason to quit his job.

Please give me some time to think.

We should cut our losses.

If they wish to destroy their lungs...

The film received favourable criticism.


"Whose pens are these?" "They are Rogue's."

Your idea is, as it were, a castle in the air.

This box will serve as a table.

The less you have, the less you have to lose.

I'm getting little pimples on my face. I wonder if I've been getting enough sleep lately.

What good would it do?

I have read every book on the shelf.

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If he sends me any letters, I just tear them up and throw them away.

She took in the situation at a glance.

Ricardo didn't help me at all.

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Don't call your father.

She screamed and fainted.

She inferred from his silence that he was angry.

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Beware of pickpockets.


What aren't you telling us?

I think you've already met them.

Micky blamed the teacher for his failure.


You always do whatever you feel like doing.


Which is better, this or that?


When our parents aren't there, my younger brother takes on a completely different manner.


Former London mayor Boris Johnson was the leader of the campaign for "Brexit".

We should talk to him.

Cynthia doesn't have insurance.

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I would like to travel, but I don't have any money.

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What makes you think Those won't like Lar?

Herman didn't have to wait for me.

Sue isn't afraid of anything.

Bill did nothing else but joke.

Eddie couldn't open the door.

Has anyone seen Ann?

I wonder how long Tommy bought these eggs.

Obama is the first black president in the White House.

When I was little, I was blonde.

You see, Kyohei, this question ... it's about saline solution but ...

Hi, sorry I didn't understand you.

Christopher Columbus was the spearhead of the biggest invasion and genocide ever seen in the history of humanity.

I play video games.

Hector is suspected of being involved in the bank robbery.

Have they found her yet?

She borrows novels from Real.

Let me show you how Lou does it.


The cold wind cut through his coat.

I need to find someone to back up Denis's alibi.

She fainted in the store and found herself in the first aid room when she came to.

Won't you share my umbrella?

What are you people doing?

Shall I have him go with you?

We wanted to give Phill one more chance.


We could have a picnic by the river.


This is the boy who looks like a girl.

And soon after I procured Xenophon's Memorable Things of Socrates, in which there are many instances of the same method.

It was like I was in a trance.

Needless to say, getting up early is important.

A new dress was bought for her.


I don't want to look like a dork.

I want to be useful.

I hate her hat.

My dog bit him.

That's likely Linley's girlfriend.


You are making a big fuss.

I want a box three times as large as this.

Her words turned out to be true.


I learned my lesson.